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where is winter?? 1/17/17

seriously this weather is horrible! today it’s almost 60 degrees and the sun keeps poking out from behind the clouds…i just want a decent snowstorm, this is Ohio for god sake! anyway, now that i have that off my chest it time for another blog post.. still so happy with my new iphone 7 plus, finally got my otter box today (thanks mom!) now hopefully i’ll stop dropping it all over the place, or i’ll continue to drop it but i won’t have to worry about breaking my phone lol. work wise i have class the rest of the week…getting my EFD (emergency fire dispatcher) and EPD emergency police dispatcher) certifications..between classes and work my next day off isn’t until next wednesday the 25th ­čĹÄ­čĆ╝ but look at all the overtime i’ll be making! other than that really nothing monumental has happened since last post.. mom ordered 2 virtual reality cases for our phones…be looking for that video in the next post! until next time…. 


Friday the 13th!! 1/13/17

best news today… a new phone, iPhone 7 plus!! spent the majority of the day doing that and setting it up because my backup apparently didn’t backup all the way… quiet night at work…  not much to report on today! until tomorrow…

Lyndsey’s 18th! 1/12/17

had a busy day today, started by taking Mom to Medina to run a few errands, Andy Boy and I passed the time in the car with selfies and finished off Medina with a lunch at Dominick’s. weird weather day, while in Medina there was a line of storms that rolled thru prompting a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Wayne County…this is January but its spring time weather. very heavy rain so now we’re under a flood warning. I surprised Lyndsey at school with birthday flowers. It’s her 18th birthday I had to do something nice for her so there ya go. finished off the day at AV’s for our monthly game night. played some tripoley and had pizza macaroni for supper. mega pain day, i think because of the weather, heck i don’t know, i just know my hip is killing me today! even had time to fit in a squad call. busy busy day, now time for some rest! until tomorrow…

slacking 1/11/17

haven’t written in a while, just been busy with work and kept putting this off… I’ve finally kicked that cold or flu whatever it was. not much has been going on… we had a big warm front come thru last night and got our asses handed to us at work, Ashland got slammed with the winds and we were so busy from 10p-11p we had prob 40 calls plus other phone calls and 911’s that weren’t even put in because they were just updates. Jay, Jen and I handled it though! …had pizza and played cards with Grandma tonight, even got a snapchat selfie with her! were having game night at AV’s tomorrow for our “monthly game nights” its always fun plus its Lyndsey’s birthday. she is going to be 18!!! time is flying by! well until tomorrow…

almost better 1/7/17

woke up feeling like a new person this morning (Saturday).  felt good enough to go to breakfast with mom at Deb’s here in town then went home and slept the day away…still felt halfway decent and went in to work where it all went down from there. coughing fits all night long. left at 11 and back to mommas..took some cough syrup and now headed to bed (couch) for a “sleepover” with Andy Boy! until tomorrow…

sick… 1/6/17

been staying at mom’s house this week…she and her couch have helped immensely…tomorrow hopefully back to normal…and these temperatures outside!! Brrrrrr

day 4 1/5/17

missed a day yesterday because i was down with what i thought was the flu.  went to the dr today and found out i had the start of walking pneumonia.  got a script for some cough syrup so hopefully that helps a lot! so tired of coughing!  snowy day today. started snowing around 3:30pm when elementary school was letting out and still snowing now (19:38) probably about 1-2 inches, nothing major just enough to disrupt everything.  the bottom picture is on 30a just west of the US30 overpass. until tomorrow…

day 3 1/3/17

tough day for me…grandma kathleen died today back in 1998, hard to believe it’s been 19 years already! seems like just yesterday! ┬ádown with flu symptoms today and called off work. just feel like crap in general…chills, achey, nauseated. ┬áslept most of the day and went to moms in the evening, had supper with her, joyce and amanda & the kids. then went and fell asleep on her couch… now home and off to bed. ┬ásorry no pictures today, felt like crap and not much to take a picture of anything! until tomorrow…

day 2 1/2/17

today was pretty uneventful. ┬áslept most of the day because we had squad calls in the middle of the night again. woke up with a chest cold starting…never fun! had a good day at work even though i felt kinda crappy. ┬ápaul surprised me at christmas and got me a $25 gift card to BP which was used on the way home! really foggy tonight, pictures don’t really do it justice though… tomorrow hopefully i’ll feel better and take down the christmas stuff. ┬áuntil tomorrow…

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