seriously this weather is horrible! today it’s almost 60 degrees and the sun keeps poking out from behind the clouds…i just want a decent snowstorm, this is Ohio for god sake! anyway, now that i have that off my chest it time for another blog post.. still so happy with my new iphone 7 plus, finally got my otter box today (thanks mom!) now hopefully i’ll stop dropping it all over the place, or i’ll continue to drop it but i won’t have to worry about breaking my phone lol. work wise i have class the rest of the week…getting my EFD (emergency fire dispatcher) and EPD emergency police dispatcher) certifications..between classes and work my next day off isn’t until next wednesday the 25th šŸ‘ŽšŸ¼ but look at all the overtime i’ll be making! other than that really nothing monumental has happened since last post.. mom ordered 2 virtual reality cases for our phones…be looking for that video in the next post! until next time….